Appraisals are provided free with purchase and for as nominal fee otherwise. We advise that the appraised value be based upon what Pattivs replacement price, plus a safety margin of about 1/3. Appraising at ‘retail’ will not normally result in a loss repayment at ‘retail’. Insurance companies invariably have an option to replace the item in ‘kind’ or in cash. Insurance companies have highly trained adjustors whose entire job is to settle claims at minimal cost. We also suggest having Pattivs review appraisals every two years to reflect changing prices.


Normally jewelry is insured with a ‘rider’ on a homeowner’s policy. Yearly cost is about $1.50 per $100 of insured value.

Sell to Pattivs/Trade-in

Pattivs will purchase your fine jewelry, diamonds and precious metals, or credit them toward a purchase.

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